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Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Great NEW Book

I just discovered a great new book, which was released only 3 days ago. It's called The Skin Type Solution by dermatologist Leslie Baumann. Touted by the notoriously hard to please Paula Begoun as "the best book I've read on skin care," this is certainly a must-read for everyone!
Dr. Baumann has created an extensive questionnaire of over 60 questions that pinpoints your skin type to one of 16 types. She even recommends specific products, many of which are available at Naturally, upon discovering my skin type, I eagerly visited the site. I bought 3 items and I was very pleased to discover that shipping is FREE!

I bought the book at Barnes&Noble for $17.60, which is 20% off the $22 retail price. is cheaper but you'll pay for shipping.

It's been a while...

but I'm still here! I've been busy with beauty school. I now have over 200 hours and am quickly approaching senior status at which point I obtain my permit to work at a spa. I have learned the entire facial process as well as many special treatments within the France Laure skin care line that we use at Capri.