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Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Note on "Beauty"

When I talk about beauty, I'm not referring to how pretty someone or something is. To me, beauty is a term that encompasses all that makes us feel great or, well, beautiful. Sure, beauty is about enhancing those big brown eyes or a perfect pair of cheekbones. But it's also about making the best of those features that we aren't necessarily in love with. It's about feeling fabulous in our own skin, whether it's white as snow or dark as cocoa. It's about getting massaged for an extra 30 seconds during that once-a-year pedicure. It's about shopping for a new facial cleanser for three hours and not even buying one. It's all the little things we do that show we care about ourselves and having fun in the process. It's also about caring for others and discovering what we have in common; sharing a lipstick or some good advice.

What's in YOUR makeup bag?

Do you search through a bursting bag of beauty every morning? Content with just one or two stellar products? Let's hear what you can't live without!

What's in my makeup bag?

MASCARA is a must for me b/c I have blonde lashes. My all-time favorite is Clinique's "Long Pretty Lashes" b/c that's exactly what you get! This leaves lashes very soft, it doesn't flake, and it provides a natural look for everyday use. I have black/brown but to me almost all mascaras look black. Long Pretty Lashes is $13.50. My favorite under $10 is "Full 'N Soft" by Maybelline. (By the way, avoid waterproof mascaras unless you plan on crying or swimming. Waterproof formulations are very difficult to remove.)

BLUSH is a new item for me b/c, I admit it, I didn't know how to apply it properly! Well mark's "tint tint" (in blossom) changed that. It's a sheer, tinted gel in a little pump, which is just adorable. You need apply only a tiny squirt to each cheek, blend quickly and voila, naturally flushed cheeks in seconds! Tint tint is $6.00

CONCEALER is my substitute for foundation. I just put it where I'm red and call it a day. CG Smoothers Concealer by Cover Girl is my current favorite (
I use fair). It comes in a lipstick-style tube, covers well yet is easy to apply and blend. Price, about $5.00. Now that's beautiful.

LIP BALM is a staple and I'm just hooked on Kiehl's "Lip Balm #1". The 0.6 ounce jar lasts more than a year (for me) and costs $5.50. Hey, that's less than a penny per use!

LIP GLOSS is lovely, but I don't use it everyday. When I am in the mood for a shiny pout I love Neutrogena's MoistureShine gloss in "Groove". It's very shiny, not sticky at all, and tastes good. Cost? About $6.00.

EYESHADOW is my favorite (after mascara). For months I have been using a gift-with-purchase shadow from Clinique and when it runs out I'm running out to get more! It's called "Sunburst Duo" from the Color Surge collection. One is a peachy coral, the other is a pale golden champagne- I only use the latter. It's perfectly shimmery with a silky application that stays put. I also love that it doesn't irritate my eyes as many shadows do. $17.50 for the duo and single shadows are $13.50.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Future

I'm working on an actual website where visitors fill out an extensive online consultation form and submit it via email. Then I assess all concerns and questions and reply with answers, advice, and a full regimen with product suggestions. I can even gather the items and send them as a complete package! In the meantime, I am very excited about getting my aesthetician's license.

Monday, July 25, 2005

About My Links

1. MakeupAlley is a great site/forum with thousands of product reviews and ratings by real people (mostly women). Check out Product Reviews, the Skincare Board, and the Makeup Board.

2. Paula's Choice is her namesake website with tons of info as well as the place to purchase her great products (or by phone). TIP: wait for free shipping events, which always coincide with holidays like July 4th.
She's the one whose books really got me into skin care. Check out "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me" and "The Beauty Bible." Look for the latest editions, both of which are available on the site, at bookstores, and at the library.
And don't forget to sign up for her bi-monthly newsletter! It costs $12.50 for an email-only subscription. Subscriptions via regular mail are $18.75 in the U.S., $26.25 in Canada, and $33.75 internationally. Don't want to spend? Sign up for her FREE online beauty bulletin.

3. Renee Rouleau is a skin care entrepreneur located in Texas so, like Paula, her products are only available online or by phone. She's pricier than Paula but almost all of her products are terrific! Do yourself a favor and check out her excellent advice section and if you'd like to make a purchase, shipping is free when you spend $75 or more.

4. DermaDoctor is best for its extensive articles on skin care. The doctor is Audrey Kunin who I actually met at an event in NYC.

5. EMAIL AskAmie. If you have a question that you do not want posted, just send me an email and I'll answer you confidentially.

Friday, July 22, 2005


Thanks for checking out my blog. Feel free to ask me questions about skin care, makeup, and general beauty concerns. I am passionate about helping others because I know first-hand how frustrating it can be to find the right answers! As a model, I am always monitoring the condition of my skin and for years it was not consistently clear. I read EVERYTHING and talked to everyone: makeup artists, dermatologists, facialists- you name it. It was through my reading and experimenting that I developed a firm grasp on proper skin care. As for makeup, the trends are always evolving, but there are many basics that never go out of style.